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Death Puppets

Death Puppet Icons
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lyke omg!!111 welcomz 2 our cooliez lil lj!! Yeah really I was never good at that crap so I will stop now. The home of Hena and Jess. Two crazy lil bitches who lately have been making an insane amount of icons. Well, since we can only use one icon at a time our thoughts were, hell, lets let others use em. Of course we are still incredibly greedy and keep the best for ourselves. But yknow. Better then nothing you lazy assholes.

Icons and tigers and bears, oh my!

Im hoping by now its obvious that this is our icon journal, which is a community which means yes your welcome to join just realize who the queens are. Bow down before synetika and fakexhappy!!! BOW!!! Oh, join first. Then bow. Always bowing. Or fucking. Yknow, either one.

What else to say cause Im late. Im late. For a very important date. Basically for the VCR upstairs and my date for the evening, the Fern Gully vhs. Teehee.

We iconize what we want when we want and in any size we want. We hit. We kick. We whip. And boy, do we rule. Hena and Jess are in charge and quite frankly dont give two shits about anything else. So enjoy. Comment. Credit. And Ceep. (I know its spelt keep but I wanted to work the C's okay. Your just jealous)

Aaaaaaaaaaaand SCENE!

<3<3~~~Written by Jess on drugs