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I <3 Prince Char omg omg!!!11

Yes yes, more Ella Enchanted ones. Im sure half of you havent seen it, or simply dont like it. But I loved it. They all include the words "Somebody to love" which is a song in the movie that Anne Hathaway performs and I just fell in love with. So here is Ella and Prince Char. Who I think is damn fine. :D Nothing really special. I was originally just fooling around making stuff for me, and then I ended up with a few and decided might as well plug em up here. Just five so no cut. ;) Enjoy. Thanks to!!!

Shut up Hena you and your fight club. :P

Really, Eunae, Im starting to miss you *tear*
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No, no...Asian singers are better, hehe.
Im thinking I should make some icons with my face since Im better then everything fight club and asian singers lick me.

;) Obey your thirst.
I think you should shove that sprite can up your......uhm, bye. :P

Been there done that.