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Heaven help me

I dont actually have any icons to give out BUT Im going to start a challenge without the knowledge of Hena (surely she has no problem with such).

This challenge is a Buffy one. I know. So amazing and original. Its from the episode 'I Was Made to Love you' and the pictures come from Clouds and Lemonade. Theyre basically just key scenes and such. Nothing too special. I leave the words up to you, but its more of serious words rather then comical. So think dark, musty, kind of porcelain themed colors. :) Beiges. Yknow what Im talking about. Here are the images Im supplying for you and please dont use outside of these images unless of course you plan on using brushes. Of course feel free to use more then one of the supplied images.

I shall wait till we get a few entries, dont be afraid. They dont even have to have text if you dont want. No big prizes but Im sure I can work something nice into it ;)

<3<3<3 MWAH!
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