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That was really just a lie

Im going to go see Ella Enchanted later today with Lauren so I decided to surf the site and unfortunately they didnt have any games for me to play. BUT! They did have some pretty cute pics that I thought I would make icons for. Thus I say enjoy, and there are no words on them except for two. I know I know. Just simply didnt fancy doing it, so if you want to go nuts, otherwise theyre blank and still swank. ;) Comment. Credit. Use.

Id cut but there is only seven. Meh.

Credit goes to the official movie site for Ella Enchanted. One of the quotes is from Full of Grace by Sarah McLachlan, may not be exact but it was off the top of my head. :D Fancy. Brushes again and from here on out were taken a long time ago from a variety of sites therefore I dont know them any longer, but I didnt make them and I shall never take credit for any brushes. Thanks to them though, theyre the bestest.

HEY HENA! Mwah. <3<3<3

And Eunae, hey to you too since Im pretty sure your lurking around here somewhere, stalker :P Hehe teasing.
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